Packing List

Things to pack for the week:

Modest clothes* for 6 days including:

Sports clothes

Work clothes

Church clothes

o skirts & headscarf for girls

o long pants for guys

o nice outfit for liturgy

Dinner-Dance clothes

o suit or dress shirt and tie for guys

o nice dress for girls (knee length or longer, no low-cut necklines)

Swim wear: modest one-piece suit for girls, swimming trunks for guys


Bible, Notebook/Journal

Towel, washcloth, and soap

Sleeping bag and pillow (for guys only)



Water bottle Backpack/light bag

Vestments (for acolytes/sub-deacons wishing to serve at Liturgy)

Sheet music, acoustical instruments, folk dances to share

Please leave behind...

Video games, laptops, gameboys, iPods and other electronic devices.

Cell phone use is not allowed during the conference.

Parents, if an urgent situation arises and you need to contact us during the youth

conference, you may reach Michael Tishel at 617-519-9107

E-mail us if you have any questions!

*What do we mean by modest clothes?

Girls: No tight or revealing clothing. Shirts should have sleeves (no tank tops, etc.) No short shorts. Skirts: knee length or longer.

Guys: Shirts should have sleeves (no muscle shirts, tank tops, etc.).

Even when it's hot, you'll need to wear a shirt. No super baggy or low-slung pants.