Photo Gallery

Take a photo tour of some of the previous My Life in Christ Youth Conferences  where participants strengthened their Orthodox faith, formed lasting friendships and came home with greater awareness on how to find and follow the path to Life Eternal. 

MLIC 2012 in Indianapolis, IN

MLIC 2012 in Boston, MA

No conference is exactly the same!  Each location offers special opportunities!

MLIC 2010 at St Sophia's Orthodox Church in Des Plaines, IL

One thing is the same - the joy and fellowship in Christ that embrace those who have come to every conference since the beginning, and those who are attending for the first time!

MLIC 2009 at St Sophia's Church in Des Plaines, IL

One more thing is the same -- the deepening of the relationship with Jesus Christ -  making My Life in Christ more than just the name of a youth conference!

MLIC 2008 in Indianapolis, IN