MLIC 2008

Report from the 2008 My Life in Christ Youth Conference in Indianapolis, IN

Dear Friends, 

The 2008 My Life in Christ Youth Conference has come and passed! So many wonderful memories and relationships made, and lessons learned!

This year we had a wonderful group of 65 participants ranging in age from around 15 to around 30.  Participants came from all over the country and we even had two brave souls from the Netherlands.

Every year the conference brings an amazing group of pious youth together to orient us back to that which is of vital importance: our lives in Christ. This year’s conference was specifically themed “The Forgotten Medicine: Freedom to Change,” where we discussed, at great lengths, the topics of repentance and confession. Also, His Eminence led us in a monumental discussion on Sexuality, Relationships and Marriage, which, from the perspective of those of us who were present, was incredibly helpful and inspiring.

This year we were blessed by many amazing talks, fruitful discussions and exciting events and activities. Most of all, however, all of us continue to be amazed at the depth of relationships and growth that occur within the context of one week. New friendships are built, others are nurtured, and even cultivated into life-long relationships in the form of marriage and deep spiritual friendships.

A few highlights include:

  • A wonderful Challenge/Ropes Course on Tuesday
  • An amazing Coffeehouse and Talent show, where we were graced by a plethora of talented performers.
  • A series of youth presentations where various participants shared inspirational experiences from the past year (service projects, pilgrimages, research projects etc.)
  • A Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza to end the week’s normal program.
  • Lastly, a wonderful Dinner-Dance with the Convention Delegates.

I would like to describe a particular moment at the youth conference in order to give you a sense of the fellowship and camaraderie that we experienced:

It was late Wednesday night, and we were all eating some snacks in the conference center. All of the young people at the conference came from different backgrounds and interests (some attending school in various disciplines and others in the work force already); but everyone gathered together in song and laughter late into the night. Small groups of friends (both new and old) struck up various familiar songs and others participated in heart-felt discussion and mutual encouragement. The energy was potent and electric, and we were all striving to grasp every moment, knowing the value and rarity of such events.

Thus, another year passes, and we are full of grace and blessing and new lessons to be put into practice. We are ready to embark upon a new year in continuation of our lives in the world, where God-willing we will have the opportunity to encourage each other through prayer, and frequent communication.

MLIC 2008 Photos